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Air Mail

Air Mail puts the player in the pilot’s seat for a thrill ride through a world of fantasy and adventure. The player takes on the role of the youngest air mail delivery boy (or girl) to serve with the prestigious Domeekan Island Fliers. Everything goes well until the dreaded Verikai Sky Fleet clamps down on the Deomeekans and impose a blockade on their city. Then the player must go on a journey of discovery, traveling to far away lands, meeting interesting people and searching for a way to bring peace to his troubled homeland.


Platform: iOS

Release Date: iOS Spring 2012

Official Site:


25 Missions

In Mission Mode the player choose a character and plays through a 7-chapter campaign, containing 25 missions and a bonus mission. The player gets to take part in exciting activities spanning five unique environments. There are a variety of mission objectives including catching fish, excavating dragon bones, rescuing the town from raging fires and disarming bombs on zeppelin battleships!


Air Mail is designed to be accessible to a wide audience. Therefore, mission objectives are not compulsory and the player is always free to fly anywhere they want. There is even a special Exploration Mode in the game which rewards the player for investigating landmarks and collecting magical scrolls, hidden throughout the environment.

Unlockable Paint Jobs

The game rewards the player for completing Side Quests, like collecting Golden Monkey Statues, by unlocking new paint jobs for his plane. The player can apply a paint job in the menu, then fly around with it in any game mode.

Downloadable Content

Expansions to the Air Mail universe are already being developed and will be available as downloadable expansions or standalone packages.

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