Air Mail receives rave reviews at GDC 2012

N-Fusion had a great GDC.  “Air Mail,” our iOS game that’s being published by Chillingo, has received some great coverage and was even picked by Joystiq and Slide To Play as one of their top 5 mobile games at the show:

Joystiq says: “Air Mail is a game so gorgeous it’s hard to believe it’s running on a mobile device.” Read the Full Article!

Slide To Play raves: “Air Mail, from N-Fusion and Chillingo, is an adorable Pilotwings-style flying game with an epic fantasy story to match its stunning visuals… an excellent, console-quality flying game… We’re more excited about this game than almost anything else we’ve seen at GDC.”  Read the Full Hands-On!

G4TV G4 says: “Highflying adventure takes to the iPad with Air Mail…sit back and enjoy the flight.” Read the Full Review!

Kotaku says: “I watched the delightful Air Mail a Pilotwings-style flight game for iPads coming from Chillingo.” Read the Full Article!

Metacafe interviewed Air Mail Lead Designer Tyler Munden: Watch the Interview!

IGN raves: “Air Mail is one part Porco Rosso and one part Crimson Skies, with a dash of Pilot Wings. This makes it 100% awesome.” Watch the Debut trailer!

Touchgen sat down with Jeff Birns, the CEO and Creative Director of N-Fusion Interactive and gushed: “The game is simply gorgeous… Let me just say in closing that there is a hell of a lot more to this game than simply delivering mail!” Watch the video!

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